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Independence Day Nia class!

Tuesday July 4th
9:30 AM Blue Heron Ranch
Sammamish Y is closed and it's fun to dance on a holiday
so come join me and let the spirit of Independence Day 
set you free to
Move, Express, Dance!
Drop in $15 / Class cards honored


Form, Freedom and Fun!
Saturday, July 8th
9:30 AM at Blue Heron Ranch
 with Randy and Randee!
Join visiting Los Angeles Nia Black Belt Teacher, Randy Miller and Randee Fox for a special Nia class
exploring form, freedom and fun!
Drop in $15 / Class cards honored


Studio transformation at

New paint, new lights and an ambient retro re-visioning for Blue Heron Ranch 
Moving Arts Studio.

In April, 2005 I transformed the old concrete floored 1,500 square foot shop space (once a hydro-plane hanger) on our ranch into a dance studio/art studio. I installed the beautiful sprung wood Brazilian cherry floor, added mirrors to a wall and white-washed the walls and ceiling. 

For the next 12 years I taught over 1,000 Nia classes and hosted over 40 Nia community education events and Nia belt trainings given by Nia Faculty (including me) and teachers. I rarely turned on the 16 florescent light fixtures. Their slight buzzing noise and strange alien-like greenish light bothered me. They simply did not seem to match the overall creative and natural energy of the studio or the practice of Nia. For years I dreamt of making a change. 

For 12 years we danced under the rarely
used fluorescents surrounded by the stark
whitewashed ceiling and walls.
As I approached the 12th anniversary of the studio, she called on me to 'up her elegant game' - a perfect way to welcome our 13th year in operation. Seeing photos of Nia Teacher, Christina Wolf's Embody Studio in Centralia, Washington inspired me to make the change I dreamed of. 
Blue Heron Studio has always reminded me
of an old schoolhouse classroom, much like
the ones I grew up with in the 1950s and 60s.
I chose colors that echoed the serene quality of the ranch, a light buttery yellow spanning side walls and ceilings and ends in a mossy green. The retro bronze white glass deco schoolhouse pendant lights warmly reminded me of the ones I would gaze up at from my 1950s wooden school desk at Mar Vista Elementary School in Los Angeles. Being dimmable allows me to adjust for mood and times of day. The Havanna oscillating fans on the ends will give us more air circulation. I changed all fixtures, including cabinet knobs and switch plates, were changed to bronze metal, matching the lights. 

With 15 years of my own art decorating the walls, it was time for me to pause, let the walls breathe and re-envision what I wanted. Maybe a new art series? Maybe nothing? I pulled off the string of 90s Nia-traditional white twinkly lights from the mirrors, and let them be 'of the past'. The overall result was more lovely than I had ever expected. Come dance, move and heal in our lovely re-imagined space! Classes resume the week of April 3rd, 2017.
John Pacheco Construction's
professional and patient team of
technicians transformed
my studio in less than two weeks
with efficiency and perfection.
From left:
Jordan, John, Zack and Marc

The end result, more elegant than I had ever imagined.

Returning to balance, tranquility and 

Dear community of friends, teachers, artists, dancers, 
and horse folks,

What a time we are in! So many of my friends are feeling affected by the rapid changes we are seeing, reading about and personally experiencing in our communities, cities, countries and in the world in the wake of the new US administration. It's been a tumultuous time!

I have found that the best way to 'dance through' major changes is to keep moving and also to slow down and take extra care of my body. 

Nia teaches us to 'tweak' or change a move if it does not feel good to our body. Through the years I have adopted the act of 'tweaking' to my life. If the way I am engaged in a part of my life causes discomfort, distress or pain and is pulling too much energy from the rest of my life, thus causing what feels like an 'imbalance', it is time for me make some changes or 'tweaks'. 

Choosing to make a change is empowering for me personally and allows me to return to balance, *tranquility and ultimately, **homeostasis. 

I think of 'making tweaks' similarly to how a sailor is constantly adjusting the ropes, lines and rigging of her sailboat so that her sails are filled, her keel is balanced in the water, and her boat is moving to her desired destination in the most efficient way. Like the sailboat, my body tells me when it is 'off' and not moving with as much optimal health and efficiency as it can. This is the time to 'tweak'.

When outside forces affect me in a negative way, such as feeing disoriented, fatigued, agitated, distracted, scared or worried, I see these as signs that my body is asking me for change and more care. 

Together we will weather this change and come out stronger and more connected as a community. Of this I am certain. 
Definitions of key words from Miriam Webster Dictionary

*Tranquility: Free from agitation of mind or spirit and free from disturbance or turmoil.

**Homeostasis: The tendency of the body to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment, even when faced with external changes. 


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Randee Fox - Artist
Since childhood I have loved to make art. I was fortunate to have supportive parents and teachers and began my career as a fine artist then found my way to graphic design, illustration, digital and interactive art. I slowly found my way back to fine art and now make art in a variety of mixed media including drawing, painting, collage, found objects and encaustic. I love storytelling via art.
View my artworks here

Nia and Horses© Two-Day Trainings

A somatic journey of 

self-discovery and connection with horses

This unique and dynamic 
educational two-day retreat with horses 
is open to everybody interested in restoring their natural state of wholeness through sensory, somatic connection, the art of listening, creativity, energetic awareness and non-verbal communication.
Learn more here

Randee Fox
Horse-human educator
Fall is a perfect time to learn about horses at Blue Heron Ranch! 'Educating Humans for Horses' (since 1997), is a progressive way to learn about horses. Randee's three gentle horses teachers will, guide in learning how to be in relationship with and connected to a horse from the ground to the saddle. Learn more here

Randee Fox - Nia Teacher, Nia Faculty Trainer, Nia Educator
I teach three exhilarating Classic Nia classes and one Nia FreeDance class at three eastside locations!

Tuesdays Classic Nia
9:15 AM New Sammamish Family Y 

Wednesdays Classic Nia

12:15 PM Bellevue Y

Thursdays Nia FreeDance 
9:30 AM Blue Heron Ranch 

Saturdays Classic Nia 
9:30 AM Blue Heron Ranch

Sammamish Locations: 
Blue Heron Ranch Moving Arts and Equestrian
25025 NE 8th Street, Sammamish, WA 98074 
$15 drop-in / $40 4-class monthly card / $70 unlimited monthly card New Sammamish Famy YMCA and Aquatic Center 831 228th Ave SE Sammamish, WA 98074 Fre to all Seattle Y Members / Drop in $17 (over 65 $15)

Bellevue location:
Bellevue Family YMCA
14230 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98007
Free to Y members / Drop in: $17 / 65+ $15 

What is a Classic Nia Class? 
Nia is a mindful dance fitness practice that not only conditions your body in remarkable ways, but also conditions your mind with the creative use of music and movement. 

Discover Nia, a movement art that will elevate your movement skill by increasing flexibility, mobility, agility, stability and strength. Nia’s unique movement style is founded in 35 years of program development, focusing on aspects of martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. Nia truly delivers a holistic experience that touches you; body, mind and spirit.

A classic Nia class follows a seven cycle program: 
1. Setting the focus: We focus on one aspect of the practice, it is woven artfully throughout the practice.
2. Stepping in: We enter and step into the experience, leaving all distractions and concerns behind.
3. Warming up: This is where we prepare our body to move, warming up the joints.
4. Getting moving: We move at a higher energetic pace, conditioning our body and cardiovascular system
5. Cooling down: Still dancing and upright we use movements that cool down our body.
6. Floor play: Using the floor, we play and condition our body using gravity, space, and the art of moving on the floor to become strong, stretched, defined and balanced. 
7. Stepping out: We seal the experience by consciously stepping out.

The technique is founded on 52 basic moves for the base, the core, and the upper extremities, that are used to create the body-friendly choreography of the class. The nine movement forms, of Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern Dance, Duncan Dance, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and Yoga, inspire the class with soft and slow dynamics, as well as the powerful energy of Tae Kwon Do and the playfulness of Dance. Nia choreography blends these dynamics to create a class that offers ample movement in a state of dynamic ease. Everyone can do Nia because the movements are so adaptable to varying skill and fitness levels. Nia is generally done in bare feet. Shoes are also fine.

The first principle of the Nia Technique is the Joy of Movement. We believe movement can be pleasurable to the body, and when we move towards pleasure we move towards healing. There are lots of smiles and happy people in Nia classes. Some even say Nia has changed their lives! 

What is a Nia FreeDance Class?
Nia FreeDance is a barefoot 60-minute conscious dance class designed to awaken the movement artist within; to stimulate an individual's art of movement creativity. 

Guided by a certified and trained Nia FreeDance Teacher, participants explore their own movement and dance, in their own way, in their own time. Participants dance to soul-stirring music, eclectic sonic landscapes that provide cellular resonance to evoke self-expression, and unleash movement creativity. Join us and allow yourself to be guided, to explore movement your way and in your own time. Dance to soul-stirring music, eclectic sonic landscapes that provide cellular resonance to evoke your self-expression, and unleash your movement creativity. The four parts of Nia FreeDance explore the integration of body, emotion, mind and spirit through a unique focus for each Nia FreeDance experience. This class is open to all levels. No previous experience necessary. 

The Joy of Dancing with Community
"The cords of connection go very deep on the dance floor and continue long after the class. The creative Human Soul is nourished, dancing with community, and longs to return for more. As we become more relaxed in our dance, the cords become 'chords' sung through our tuning fork-like bodies allowing us to ‘right’ our tone, release energetic buildup and return our bodies and lives to harmony - daily.” 
--Randee Fox, Nia Faculty Trainer and Black Belt Teacher

Have you visited Blue Heron Ranch?

Thanks for visiting! 

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