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Focus of the week May 23 - 28, 2016
This week's Nia focus is 'Inspiration'
Allow the music to dance you. Ride the rhythm. Seek pleasurable sensations. Express your heart out. Create choreography on the fly. Set yourself free. Enjoy your friends. Smile in all of the excitement and let yourself be inspired!

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Randee Fox - Artist
Since childhood I have loved to make art. I was fortunate to have supportive parents and teachers hroughout my school years. I began my career as a fine artist then found my way to graphic design, illustration, digital and interactive art. I slowly found my way back to fine art and now make art in a variety of mixed media including drawing, painting, collage, found objects and encaustic. I love to tell a story - open-ended so that the viewer can find their own stories in my art.
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The magic of horses! 
Summer is a perfect time to learn about horses at Blue Heron Ranch! 'Educating Humans for Horses' (since 1997), is a progressive way to learn about horses. Randee's three gentle horses teachers will, guide in learning how to be in relationship with and connected to a horse from the ground to the saddle. Learn more here

Classes for your pleasure, fun and fitness! Six days a week with Randee Fox - every body welcome!

12:15 PM Bellevue Y

9:30 AM Blue Heron Ranch

12:15 PM Bellevue Y

9:30 AM Blue Heron Ranch 

12:15 PM Bellevue Y 

9:30 AM Blue Heron Ranch

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The Joy of Dancing with Community
"The cords of connection go very deep on the dance floor and continue long after the class. The creative Human Soul is nourished, dancing with community, and longs to return for more. As we become more relaxed in our dance, the cords become 'chords' sung through our tuning fork-like bodies allowing us to ‘right’ our tone, release energetic buildup and return our bodies and lives to harmony - daily.” 
--Randee Fox, Nia Faculty Trainer and Black Belt Teacher

Special events coming up fall, 2016

Saturday October 8 - Friday October 14, 2016
Nia White Belt Training 
with Britta von Tagen!

Saturday October 29-30, 2016
Nia FreeDance Teacher Training
with Adelle Brewer and Joanie Brooks

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