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Oso mudslide relief classes: 
Dance to raise funds, hope, spirits
Watching the tragic story unfold in the wake of the Oso mudslide has reminded me that coming together to dance and donate in times of need and for something greater than ourselves is an act that NiaSeattle teachers and students 
have been gathering together and doing for years. 

When Hurricane Katrina hit in New Orleans in 2005 NiaSeattle launched a Bayou Boogie Dance and Donate campaign, a campaign that in two months raised over $30,000.00 from Nia communities all over the world. Since then we have organized dance and donate classes for the China earthquake in 2008 
and Haiti's earthquake in 2010. 

We have danced and donated in One Billion Rising Jams, dancing to end violence against women and children and for other Nia communities as well
such as the Colorado fires in 2013. Many of us hold regular benefit classes independently, on our own or in smaller groups for 
cancer survivors, women's shelters and more.
This is the first disaster that has hit very close to our home. 
Please join us to raise funds, hopes and spirits for our neighbors up north.

2014 Nia White Belt Trainings
with Randee Fox at Blue Heron Ranch


July 26-August 1 and October 4-10
Two Nia and Horses® White Belt Trainings
Nia and Horses® White Belt Training is for every body wanting to deepen their Nia practice, both dancing in the studio, in nature and with horses. Whether you are drawn to horses (no horse experience necessary) or are an equestrian, or an equestrian educator, you will resonate with this special White Belt Training.

All of Nia’s 13 White Belt Principles are applicable and synchronous to movement with horses, enhancing sensory IQ, physical awareness, body language and energetic communication with horses. Continued here...

Photo by Anne Staveley © 2012
Nia classes for your pleasure, fun and fitness
12:15 PM Bellevue Family Y
with Randee Fox 
6:00 PM at Blue Heron Studio
with Heather Riley 
9:30 AM Blue Heron Studio
with Randee Fox 
12:15 PM Bellevue Family Y
with Randee Fox 
9:30 AM Blue Heron Studio 
with Randee Fox
12:15 PM Bellevue Family Y 
with Randee Fox
9:30 AM Blue Heron Studio 
with Randee Fox
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