"As we rested in the sun together,
she stood above me and exhaled the 
scent of sweet grass upon me. 
I looked up to find my reflection in 
her kind eye, reminding 
me that true connection is born 
out of love." --Randee Fox

Nia and Horses, from dream to reality

To be a dream achiever I have learned to hold the vision of my dream, while inspiring and accessing the support of others. This means creating a support system that I am willing to nurture. It means asking for advice, listening, learning, changing, being afraid, falling down, getting back up, and consciously pouring as much positive energy that is needed into these relationships -- all the while chipping away, carving the stone of my dream -- no matter what I am receiving back. Here is my story:
Randee Fox

The Nia White Belt Training
at Blue Heron Ranch
Become a professional Nia teacher or pursue the path of personal enrichment
April 25 - May 1st and June 27 - July 3

Nia and Horses Trainings at Blue Heron Ranch and Tuscany, Italy

Welcome to my website and to the three areas of my livelihood - the arts, Nia and horses. I hope you enjoy your visit!

The Arts
• Visual Artist 

• Writer through published works and my blog

• Nia Faculty Trainer Training the Nia White Belt for teachers or anybody wishing to deepen their practice

• Black Belt Nia Teacher - Six fun, energizing Nia classe a week

• Nia and Horses ® Education Trainer 

• Educating Humans for Horses equestrian educator

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Photo by Anne Staveley © 2012
Nia classes for your pleasure, fun and fitness - every body welcome!

12:15 PM Bellevue Family Y
with Randee Fox 
9:30 AM Blue Heron Studio
with Randee Fox 
12:15 PM Bellevue Family Y
with Randee Fox 
9:30 AM Blue Heron Studio 
with Randee Fox
12:15 PM Bellevue Family Y 
with Randee Fox
9:30 AM Blue Heron Studio 
with Randee Fox
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