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Friday November 2nd 
Dia de los Muertas 
"Go" routine launch 
Blue Heron Ranch 6:30 PM - 8 PM 
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The artist

"As an artist with a background in figurative life drawing, graphic journalism, design and illustration, I love to tell an open-ended visual story with my works. Using a variety of mediums including drawing, collage, painting, found objects assemblage and encaustic, I create allegorical works that may open doors to self-reflection and the discovery of pathways to a deeper part of the creative visual mind. Fascinated with the aesthetics of motion and rhythm, I often create works from my own experience as a long time dancer and equestrian, incorporating the relationship of humans and horses in movement." 
-- Randee Fox

The horsewoman

Dance with a horse!

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‘Nia and Horses’ Somatic Education
Teaching movement awareness with horses from a place of confident physical comfort

Horses are athletes, movement masters and rhythm makers. They are agile, graceful and powerful. 

As herd animals of prey, they are expert, intuitive ‘energy readers’, wired to connect and determine quickly if their role is to be a leader or submit to leadership and follow.

Simply being around them can be both exhilarating and healing and brings a sense of ‘presence’,  with everything slowing down, yielding greathearted, pleasurable effects!

When we prepare ourselves to be with a horse by taking the time to ground our energy, connect to our own body, via ‘physical sensation’ - we become our own body’s leader - first. This connection to physical sensation is often missing in standard horse training educational programs, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Learning and practicing the ‘Nia and Horses’ rituals helps us release excess mental and emotional energy and invites us to be in a safe place of grounded physical awareness. Horses can sense when we are physically connected to our own energy and body and they read this as ‘grounded leadership’ and they are naturally more apt to connect and yield leadership to us and follow, allowing us to direct their movement in partnership.

There is a natural ‘coming and going’ of this connection to our bodies, especially when first learning to be with a horse, and as we become more aware and comfortable in our bodies while being with horses we ‘draw inward’ this ‘embodied leadership’ with more and more ease. The key is to learn to maintain and sustain this ‘grounded leadership’ via our own physical sensations, while in the presence of a horse. This takes time and practice to learn. 

We do this through a series of ‘connection rituals’, which are formulated from the The Nia Technique. They teach us to sense and track a multitude of physical sensations and settle into a place of confident physical comfort within our own bodies first. They are easy to learn, fun to practice and, over time, help us to move from physical sensation initially, rather than letting our emotional or mental energy take over.  

Learning and practicing these rituals ultimately allows us to connect and create a wonderful relationship with our body and then with the horse. The horse senses when we are moving from this ‘confident physical comfort place’ as ‘embodied leadership’ which naturally invites them to connect to us, even at a distance. This is the foundation of truly blending your dance with a horse, either on the ground or in the saddle.

The ‘Nia and Horses’ rituals become lifetime awareness tools allowing us to:
• Access thoughts and feelings and move with them, without losing our connection to our physical sensations.
• Keep us physically aware, safe and healthy.
• Enhance and bring deep pleasure to our body and to the very moment we are living in.

Nia and Horses Somatic Education Opportunities with Randee Fox and her well-trained horses: 
• Three-hour Introduction Sessions
• One-Day Trainings 
• Two-Day Trainings

Contact Randee Fox for registration and more information


The Nia Teacher
Learn more about Nia here

“I love it when my Nia students begin to show their light – when the first laser thin beams shine through the tiniest holes, a little at a time, filling the room with color - even if it takes years for their spirit to break through. This openness contributes to a wild contagious atmosphere of exploration, expansiveness and growth, for all to enjoy and dip into.”
--Randee Fox - Nia Black Belt Teacher, Artist, Horsewoman

Nia classes with Randee Fox: 

I teach three exhilarating Classic Nia classes class at three eastside locations! I will be offering new classes after January 1, 2019 - please stay tuned! 

Tuesdays Classic Nia
9:30 AM New Sammamish Family Y 

Wednesdays Classic Nia

12:15 PM Bellevue Y

Saturdays Classic Nia 
9:30 AM Blue Heron Ranch

Sammamish Locations: 
Blue Heron Ranch Moving Arts and Equestrian
25025 NE 8th Street, Sammamish, WA 98074 
$15 drop-in / $40 4-class monthly card / $70 unlimited monthly card New Sammamish Famy YMCA and Aquatic Center 831 228th Ave SE Sammamish, WA 98074 Fre to all Seattle Y Members / Drop in $17 (over 65 $15)

Bellevue location:
Bellevue Family YMCA
14230 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98007
Free to Y members / Drop in: $17 / 65+ $15 

Learn more here about my Nia classes here

Returning to balance, tranquility and 

Dear community of friends, teachers, artists, dancers, 
and horse folks,

What a time we are in! So many of my friends are feeling affected by the rapid changes we are seeing, reading about and personally experiencing in our communities, cities, countries and in the world in the wake of the new US administration. It's been a tumultuous time!

I have found that the best way to 'dance through' major changes is to keep moving and also to slow down and take extra care of my body. 

Nia teaches us to 'tweak' or change a move if it does not feel good to our body. Through the years I have adopted the act of 'tweaking' to my life. If the way I am engaged in a part of my life causes discomfort, distress or pain and is pulling too much energy from the rest of my life, thus causing what feels like an 'imbalance', it is time for me make some changes or 'tweaks'. 

Choosing to make a change is empowering for me personally and allows me to return to balance, *tranquility and ultimately, **homeostasis. 

I think of 'making tweaks' similarly to how a sailor is constantly adjusting the ropes, lines and rigging of her sailboat so that her sails are filled, her keel is balanced in the water, and her boat is moving to her desired destination in the most efficient way. Like the sailboat, my body tells me when it is 'off' and not moving with as much optimal health and efficiency as it can. This is the time to 'tweak'.

When outside forces affect me in a negative way, such as feeing disoriented, fatigued, agitated, distracted, scared or worried, I see these as signs that my body is asking me for change and more care. 

Together we will weather this change and come out stronger and more connected as a community. Of this I am certain. 
Definitions of key words from Miriam Webster Dictionary

*Tranquility: Free from agitation of mind or spirit and free from disturbance or turmoil.

**Homeostasis: The tendency of the body to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment, even when faced with external changes. 


The Joy of Dancing with Community
"The cords of connection go very deep on the dance floor and continue long after the class. The creative Human Soul is nourished, dancing with community, and longs to return for more. As we become more relaxed in our dance, the cords become 'chords' sung through our tuning fork-like bodies allowing us to ‘right’ our tone, release energetic buildup and return our bodies and lives to harmony - daily.” 
--Randee Fox, Nia Black Belt Teacher

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