Testimony from Randee's students and colleagues

Photo by Anne Staveley
In Randee's White Belt Training you will let go, and you will be embraced and discover your creativity for your dance and every area of your life.”

--Shea Marsh, Nia Blue Belt Teacher - Seattle, Washington

On Randee as a Nia and Horses® Trainer:
"For me, the Nia and Horses training was a joyful, in depth exploration of “Tribe Consciousness.” My awareness of how best to contribute to the whole was heightened by our playful activities in our “herds,” allowing my natural leadership skills to emerge. I also learned the profound skill of staying centered, focused and in my power, while dealing with chronic pain; a gift that has changed my life."
--Katie Strong, Nia Black Belt Educator, Nia 5 Stages Educator

"One of the highlights of my trip to work with the amazing Nia community in Seattle was witnessing horses respond and move with such grace and finesse under the expertise of Randee Fox. I watched in complete silence and awe as Randee gently and powerfully guided this majestic animal around the ring using music, non verbal cues, body language and much more that I, as an inexperienced equestrian, don't have the words to describe. It was almost as if horse and trainer had an intuitive understanding of one another and communicated as one. It was one of the most remarkable examples of being fully present and completely in the moment that I have ever seen. 
I won't ever forget the first time I saw a horse "dance".
--Caroline Kohles, Nia Faculty Trainer and Senior Director of Health and Wellness Programming for the Meyerson Center at JCC Manhattan.
"Randee, my gratitude runs like a river for your willingness to share your lens on this way of being with a horse, teacher informing the teacher within . . . rippling across time and space, flowing together to make a radiant pulsation of heartfelt consciousness benefiting horse and human. I bow to you and your horses."
--Lisa Ravenholt, Somatic movement educator and modern dancer 
I feel Nia is a great way to get in touch with your personal rhythm, with that awareness you have an even better chance of connecting with your horses rhythm.  What a fun way to create awareness, I love it.”
--Barb Apple Level 1 Centered Riding Instructor and Natural Horsemanship Clinician

“From an instructor's perspective, I saw different riders after their Nia class!
All of the riders were more supple, moving with their horses better, and really grounded in the saddle. Their bodies were much more free, making it easier for the horses to move well, and they did!”
--Karen Irland, Level 4 Centered Riding clinician, Edmonds, WA

“Thank you so much for sharing Nia with us at the Barb Apple clinic.  It was truly amazing "exercise" and warmed up my body and gave me more range of motion which was very, very helpful in my riding. I am sure that my horse appreciated me doing Nia before I rode as I was flexible when I got on him! Thank you so much for introducing me to Nia.”
--Marty Sullivan, Equestrian, Woodinville, WA

“I recently participated in Randee's Nia class at our horse clinic. She geared her movements as well as her comments to horses and riding and I found it really added to the experience. Normally I do not care for these types of classes, but with the addition of the focus on equestrian information and fun, I really enjoyed the time. I believe adding the "personal touch" to the classes really can make a difference in enhancing the experience as well as in adding to the learning.”
--Bobbie Matt, Equestrian and Karate Instructor, Bonney Lake, WA

"Doing Nia before riding is truly beneficial to me as a rider and to my horse.  It loosens & opens my body & mind so that I can truly communicate with my horse better.  Nia clears a path throughout my being so I am more in tune to my body and what it's telling my horse."
--Sheila Trapold, Equestrian, Portland, OR

"Practicing Nia helps me take my body and my mind from controlled and tense to huge and open.  From that expanded state, I can then moderate into the subtleties required for the most effective communication with my horse.  As a rider, I cannot go from tense to subtle...it only creates more tension.  I need to get all the way to "wide open" and then throttle back, once I am in the saddle.  Nia has always done this for me."
 --Lynn Elston –Level 2 Centered Riding instructor - Snohomish, WA

“I feel that the Nia classes that Randee Fox taught helped me stretch my muscles, prepare my mind, center my balance, and waken up my energy so I would be better prepared for riding.  I know that I rode better as my mind was cleared and warmed up.  I could feel and sense the movements of my horse better.”
--Ann Hoy - Equestrian , Camas, WA

Thank you so much for the Nia classes you taught!  They were a great warm up for riding, getting in touch with rhythm and body movement!  I loved the emphasis on going with the movement, extending your self and not experiencing pain.  The movements felt easy but it was amazing how quickly the body warmed up.  I enjoyed how much the movement transferred to riding.  I loved the combination of toned but limber muscles.  Nia felt amazing!
 --Marilyn Reichenberger Registered Nurse, Equestrian
“Randee is a gifted and energetic teacher who inspires freedom of exploration through movement. I love how Randee weaves empowerment into her fun and invigorating classes. The Nia for Equestrians classes combine my passions for horses and dance. I feel connected with myself and ready to connect joyfully with my horse after 
Randee's inspiring classes.”
--Cynthia Farley, Equestrian, Counselor and Registered Nurse; Snohomish, WA

On Randee as a Nia Faculty Trainer and Teacher:

“In April 2013 I took my White Belt with Randee. I went in knowing that I would teach, and to teach I needed to shed something and embrace some part of me. The third day of White Belt I shared an old memory of someone saying I was bad dancer and received her coaching. Randee said to me, "We all have those people, you know what you do?" I shook my head and let out a tear, "no, I do not know what to do." Then Randee smiled, "You tell them to get in the back of your bus..." In simplicity and stillness, there, at her ranch with Randee, I was held by all the beauty, and received her wisdom. I have embraced the dancer that I am I am becoming. In Randee's White Belt Training you will let go, and you will be embraced and discover your creativity for your dance and every area of your life.”
--Shea Marsh, 2013 Nia Green Belt Teacher, Seattle, Washington

“While visiting Seattle last year, I had the pleasure of taking my first Nia class with Randee as my instructor.  Immediately, I knew I needed to learn more about this amazing practice, and so began my yearlong journey, which culminated in earning my White Belt this past summer. And I knew the trip from my home in Ohio to Randee's beautiful ranch would produce a most exceptional setting for the intensive training!  I am incredibly fortunate to have Randee as my mentor, modeling the perfect blend of wisdom, talent and creativity as a Nia Trainer.  I am now leading two classes a week, looking forward to continuing my education in the Nia Technique, and embracing friendships made through the Nia community. It has been a life-changing experience for me...”

--Janis Whipple, 2013 Nia White Belt Teacher, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 1995, Dublin, Ohio

"I’ve been taking Nia classes from Randee since 2010.  Randee makes every class a unique experience for everybody.  She has a strong passion in sharing what she loves (Nia, art and horses) and she works hard in building a community for Nia.  I found Randee is very professional, kind and approachable. It was a valuable experience for me to take the Nia white belt intensive training at her beautiful studio with the exquisite art pieces, the calm nature environment, and the pretty horses.  Randee is a very talented teacher.  She uses both verbal and non-verbal during the class.  She led the class to find music in our body and find pleasure thru movement.  I found Randee’s newsletters are very inspiring as well and I appreciated her passion in sharing.  She is a very loving person.  I always look forward to Randee’s Nia classes and other programs because I know they will be awesome!"
--Betty Lai, 2012 Nia White Belt Teacher, 2013 Nia Blue Belt Teacher, Bellevue, WA
“Randee’s support and profound knowledge of Nia gave me a safe, creative and a constructive learning experience for my White Belt. I will go back to Randee's ranch to obtain my Blue Belt!”

--Susan Duplan 2013 Nia White Belt Teacher -- Pender Island, British ColumbiaPender Island, British Columbia
“As a Nia trainer, Randee is very creative and detailed in her presentation!  If you get a chance, take the opportunity to learn from her!!”
--Carolyn Bourland; White belt Nia enthusiast

"I have been learning from Randee since 2005. She has inspired me to dance and nurture my body into a strong and artful ally. Her passion and dedication is evident in the care and skill she shows her class as we step in together during the first song. You know a teacher is really good when you can dance with your eyes closed and still “see her” spirit in your mind. Dancing in Randee's beautiful studio is like eating your favorite dish, sipping your favorite wine or relaxing in a romantic spot. Taking the White belt at her lovely studio filled with art, warmth and nature was the highlight of my Nia Journey. She is an authentic teacher; her energy and experience in Nia made the intensive so fantastic!"
--Vicci Rae Calvo Kane, Mom, Nia white belt; Sammamish, WA
“Having taken many dance classes I can quickly recognize a strong talented teacher and Randee is definitely that.  She is very professional, creates a creative safe place for Nia dancing then charges it with energy and a sense of fun and freedom of self expression.  Her studio is fantastic, a joy to visit with a great sound system. I also found this strong dynamic teacher to be very kind and approachable before and after class. You're going to love her!"
--Kris Theriault, Nia Blue Belt, Sammamish, WA
“One of the wonderful things about Nia is that the instructor brings their unique focus to bear on the excellent basic material. Randee Fox has a very healing presence and energy.  I feel safe in her class in a way that I do not always experience, and I feel that is due to her setting the intention both verbally and nonverbally for her class to be an expressive non-judgmental place. Randee exudes groundedness and calm; yet brings out a lot of energy in the imaginative cues she uses. I was fortunate to experience Randee in my White Belt training as an instructor, as well as in a class when she visited Santa Monica. I would (and did) travel miles to dance with Randee, and recommend you do too.”
--Nana Pianim, MD, Surgeon, Redondo Beach, CA;  Nia White Belt
“Randee is a gifted and energetic teacher who inspires freedom of exploration through movement. I love how Randee weaves empowerment into her fun and invigorating classes. The Nia for Equestrians classes combine my passions for horses and dance. I feel connected with myself and ready to connect joyfully with my horse after Randee's inspiring classes.”
--Cynthia Farley, Equestrian, Counselor and Registered Nurse; Snohomish, WA
“Thanks to Randee Fox and to Nia, I feel as if I’m getting younger, healthier, stronger, and happier. Randee brings a love and enthusiasm to this practice that makes it fun. I look forward to every class and the benefits that I have reaped are obvious—I see it in other areas of my life as well—my stamina and agility as well as my attitude.  I feel so blessed and grateful to have Randee as my teacher—she is truly a master teacher!”
--Paula Derrington, Ph.D., Writer, Artist, Educator; Bellevue, WA
I had the honor of meeting Randee just after she danced out of her white belt experience years ago. Her passion, skill, extensive training, and experience has provided hundreds of students with an infusion of Nia’s #1 Principle: The Joy of Movement. Randee not only understands the gifts and benefits of Nia, but she has a remarkable ability to offer those gifts to each student who attends her classes. Randee embodies Nia through every cell of her body. What a treasure!”
--Susan Tate, Black Belt Nia Teacher; Seattle WA
Founder, Washington Wellness Associates - www.wawellness.com
"Randee Fox shares her wisdom and passion for life authentically, creatively and inclusive of all. I am grateful to know her, to learn from her and to dance by her side."
-- Winalee Zeeb, Nia Trainer
"Randee always manages to transport us into a whole new body and mind experience every single time. I feel very fortunate to be guided into this extraordinary jaunt."
--Simona Foggitt - Artist; Seattle, WA www.simonafoggitt.com 
"It was such a sensational (truly) delight doing part of my White Belt with Randee Fox. She is imaginative, resourceful and inspiring. Her unique way of approaching the practice cracks open my brain so bits of light can manifest into movement. I thank her for that experience." 
--Suzanne Cunliffe, Port Townsend, WA

"Randee Fox, my Nia teacher since 2008, makes every class a new adventure.  She calls up so many elements of a good workout for body, emotions and spirit--- guiding visualizations, engaging our spirit and spunk, encouraging creativity in free dance, creating community, and more.  I always regret it if I miss even one class!"

--Marti Dimock, Nia White Belt; Bellevue, WA
"Randee creates a welcoming environment to learn, grow, play and flow with the music.  She does a wonderful job modeling basic moves and then builds on them. Starting slower to warm up she then increases the pace, allowing and encouraging all to work at their fitness level and to listen to what feels best for their body.  Serious, silly, swirly, Cha Cha, fun!"

--Diane O'Dell, GYROTONIC(R) Instructor , Issaquah, WA

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