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My Classic Nia classes have resumed again! 

I am teaching at Sammamish YMCA, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 AM! Classes are free to YMCA members. Y requires Covid Vaccination card to be shown and masks are required in the facility. 

I am also offering four-week Nia sessions at Blue Heron Ranch Moving Arts Studio. I require Covid Vaccination card to be shown and masks are required in the studio. Contact me for more information. 

ART: Fogue Studios and Gallery, where I show my work is open on Thursdays through Saturdays and by appointment too.  You can view my online gallery and still commission me to do art or purchase available art. We will have it safely packaged and shipped to you. View my online gallery here.

HORSES: 2022 Nia and Horses and horse education classes will begin in the spring of 2022. Contact me for more information.

My studio at Fogue Studios and Gallery is open! 
A view of my gallery/studio at Fogue Studios and Gallery in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

I am a Fogue Studios and Gallery artist, a part of their amazing collective in the revitalized urban arts neighborhood of Georgetown, South Seattle. 

My work space in my gallery/studio at Fogue Studios.

Gallery is open 
Thurs. - Sun., 12PM-5PM or by appointment
5519 Airport Way South Seattle, WA 
Or contact me:

Fogue Studios has 50 artists and multiple galleries/studios to enjoy. Come visit! 


The artist

"As an artist with a background in figurative life drawing, graphic journalism, design and illustration, I love to tell an open-ended visual story with my works. Using a variety of mediums including drawing, collage, painting, found objects assemblage and encaustic, I create allegorical works that may open doors to self-reflection and the discovery of pathways to a deeper part of the creative visual mind. Fascinated with the aesthetics of motion and rhythm, I often create works from my own experience as a long time dancer and equestrian, incorporating the relationship of humans and horses in movement." 
-- Randee Fox

The horsewoman

Dance with a horse!
All horse related lessons and activities will resume in spring of 2022!

Learn more here

‘Nia and Horses’ Somatic Education
Teaching movement awareness with horses from a place of confident physical comfort


The Nia Teacher

Learn more about Nia here

“I love it when my Nia students begin to show their light – when the first laser thin beams shine through the tiniest holes, a little at a time, filling the room with color - even if it takes years for their spirit to break through. This openness contributes to a wild contagious atmosphere of exploration, expansiveness and growth, for all to enjoy and dip into.”
--Randee Fox - Nia First Degree Black Belt Teacher, Artist, Horsewoman

Nia classes with Randee Fox: 

Classic Nia classes are resuming as of September 2, 2021 at Sammamish YMCA 9:30 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All classes are free to YMCA members and masks are required in the building.

The Joy of Dancing with Community
"The cords of connection go very deep on the dance floor and continue long after the class. The creative Human Soul is nourished, dancing with community, and longs to return for more. As we become more relaxed in our dance, the cords become 'chords' sung through our tuning fork-like bodies allowing us to ‘right’ our tone, release energetic buildup and return our bodies and lives to harmony - daily.” 
--Randee Fox, Nia Second Degree Black Belt Teacher

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