Nia and Horses Somatic Education Opportunities

The Art of Somatic Communication

A somatic journey of self-discovery and connection with horses

Photos by Tom Reese

“Through my work with Nia and horses, I am learning that there is a delicate sweet spot, balanced with honest, raw vulnerability (inward) on one side and magnetism through charismatic communication (outward) on the other. Horses sense this balance which allows me to more easily direct their energy. This is an ongoing practice which requires awareness and a constant reeling in.”

--Randee Fox, Nia Faculty Trainer, Equestrian Educator, Artist 

and Creator of Nia and Horses® Education

Caanie the horse and Nia and Horses participant, Tripte Kenzer, 
sharing a moment of stillness.

Nia and Horses Education two-day training teaches you to explore sensation in order to connect to your body and move in harmony with a well-trained, gentle horse partner while deepening and sharpening self-awareness, character development and leadership skills. No Nia or horse experience necessary.

The focus for Nia and Horses Education is to foster sensory connection through Nia’s Body’s Way principles by way of the human-horse bond. The Body’s Way principles teach that the body is coded to keep us aware and safe. Sensory information feeds that awareness.
Nia and Horses participants, Jena, Judy and Katie walking in time 
with their horse, Sierra.
Outcome-Intent of Nia and Horses® Education:
Self-Awareness (through sensory information)
·      Heighten sensory awareness through physical connection to body, environment and others.
·      Develop physical relaxation and presence skills.
·      Cultivate increased sense of natural rhythm and timing.
·      Boost physical conditioning and stamina by learning to access, consciously self-initiate and energetically balance and flow sensations of flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength.

Character development (through physical energy)
·      Increase physical self-carriage, personal confidence and magnetism.
·      Break through feelings of self-doubt, hesitation, and ambivalence and transform personal energy into definitive, expeditious, positive action.
·      Enhance ability to physically sense and express compassion.
·      Fortify creativity and pleasure in body and life through dance, touch, movement and interactive play.
Leadership (through connection and communication)
·      Fine tune teamwork, collaboration and both non-verbal and verbal communication skills.
·      Integrate ability to sense, move and consciously direct attention and personal energy.
·      Learn how to carry physical centeredness in a variety of situations while maintaining safe boundaries and transmitting inner authority.
Nia and Horses participants in 
'Sacred Herd' formation with their horses.

Nia and Horses 

This unique and dynamic educational program open to everybody interested in restoring their natural state of wholeness through sensory, somatic connection, the art of listening, creativity, energetic awareness and non-verbal communication.

Students learn to sharpen their energetic communication, using exercises based first in choosing to tune into physical sensation then practicing and sharpening energetic communication skills, based in safe horse handling. These exercises and skills are first guided and practiced on one’s own, in groups of people, then with a well-trained horse on the ground.

Horses reach deep inside our cellular memory…as they have been partners of humans for tens of thousands of years. They are coded to connect to us - and bond with us when we are grounded in physical sensation. Waking this memory up is spectacular, gratifying, empowering, sensual, and healing. 

  • Nia and Horses participants, Ginger and Simona 
    enjoying the groomingritual with their horse, 
    Soleil while Michelle, Jill and Tripte enjoy grooming
    Caanie (in background).

The first step in gaining leadership is to be ‘present in our body, through sensation’. We start with physical grounding through sensation and learn safety and communication skills understandable to a horse with non-verbal physical expression or ‘body language’. The trained horse senses our centeredness and confidence and can mirror back by their willingness to connect, be with us and move with us. Establishing safe horse handling and strong leadership skills will help create a harmonious relationship. The trained horse will accept leadership and move with us as strong leaders. This is where the dance of connection begins.

Randee Fox teaching during a 
Nia and Horses retreat.

When we are centered and present in our body’s ‘sensation’, relaxed and confident, we are more able to be with and move with the horse. This is how connection happens - with us as centered leaders. They are magnetically drawn to our leadership, which allows them to relax and enjoy our company. Over time, they remember us and begin to trust us as their strong leaders. This is where the true relating happens and how a ‘harmonious relationship’, with us as leaders, is created.

Nia and Horses programs offered:

3-hour introduction to Nia and Horses:
Enjoy a Nia class and spend time learning the foundation of Nia and Horses
(Saturdays only). Enjoy a 1-hour Nia class in the dance studio and then two hours with Randee Fox and her 'Nia and Horses'-trained horses. (all ground work, no riding) 
Cost: $135 (private or groups of 2-8)

1-day with Nia and Horses:
Spend a full day with Randee Fox and her horses learning the principles of Nia while being engaged with horses (all groundwork, no riding). 
Cost: $175 (groups of 4-6, all groundwork - all levels of equestrian and Nia experience welcome)
To learn more and register, contact Randee Fox.

Educating Humans for Horses Programs Offered:

Learn to safely handle horses and ride!
Four 1-hour private 'Educating Humans for Horses' lessons
Four one-hour lessons with horses including groundwork for the first two sessions and riding sessions 3 and 4. Additional lessons are offered to move up the ladder with your equestrian skills. Generally weekly but can be twice weekly as well. ons 3 and 4, if desired. Generally weekly but can be twice a week if preferred. 
Cost: $300 paid in advance for package of four lessons Learn more here 

For more information about my horse education programs, please email me or call 206-427-7010.

Caanie giving Nia and Horses participants, Tripte and Jill a nuzzle.

Randee Fox's Nia for equestrians education presentations:
August 2008: Invited to present with clinicians, Karen Irland and Barb Apple
June 2009: Collaborated with clinician with clinician Barb Apple
June 2010: Invited to present with clinician Barb Apple
January 2011: Invited to present at NW Pony Club Conference at Great Wolf Lodge
August 2011: Invited to present at AQHA Region One Championships, Langley, British Columbia
October 2011: Invited to present with Liberty Horse Trainer, Robin Gates
May 2012: Conducted clinic at Arrowhead Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 2012 - present: Blue Heron Ranch, Sammamish, Washington

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